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2017 has been the year for minimalistic interior design, we’ve gone back to making rooms as neutral as possible with a few accents of colour. I love this, especially as it makes it easier to change a room’s design without having to do full-on re-painting of the walls or getting a new carpet. I recently painted my lounge a very pale grey, and it works with so many different styles; I’ve tried a baby-pink chair, the copper lamp trend, and also with more classic wooden furniture from an antique store. This isn’t my lounge in the picture (above) by the way, I live in a London flat the size of a shoebox. I love the chevron wood floor in this pic though, that would be my dream flooring. A colourful sofa is a great way to lift a neutral room, and as it’s likely to be one of the most expensive items in a lounge, why not make a feature of it?




The white rectangle kitchen tile trend is still going strong, no wonder when it’s an easy way to make a kitchen look more modern and on trend than square tiles would. An estate agent told me that rectangle tiles in the kitchen can even add value to your property, that’s how covetable they are right now. Marble is still king of the bathroom, be it floor or wall tiles, or even both. I love beige or golden marble in the bathroom, but white marble can look super fancy too. We’re talking faux-marble here, which is cheap as chips from hardware shops, not the fancy marble you have to import from Italy and costs a billionty pounds.

Whilst making changes to your interior design can add value to a property and make make you feel happier living there, it’s wise to stay on top of home insurance in order to make sure both your home and all your nice new things are covered. Chill Insurance have advice on this, as well as a brilliant e-book on their blog with interior trends and remodelling tips, take a look see –


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Photos from (top), Topps Tiles (bottom left), Wickes (bottom right)


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