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Would we say that Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross is a hipster cafe? I mean, they have a disco ball, neon signs, 1950's-esque formica tables, lots of pastel colours, 80's film screenings, and board games. So… the jury is out. I for one freaking love Drink, Shop & Do. It's big and light, with cosy nooks and crannies if that's what you prefer. By day it's a cafe, by night it turns into a club, and they have a whole selection of craft workshops you can do for laughs, or book for hen parties and whatnot. 


Drink Shop Do

London Brunch Disco Ball

Kings Cross Cafe

Drink Shop And Do


I popped in there (super close to Kings Cross Station) last week for lunch. They don't have the most amazing menu selection, just a few sandwiches, salads and cakes to choose from, but everything is good. My friend particularly liked the salad and glass of wine meal deal for £10 (quinoa, avocado and beetroot), whilst I went for green tea and ombre cake. 


Drink Shop And Do Ombre Cake

Beetroot Quinoa Avocado Salad


I definitely need to go back for their weekend brunch, they do bagels and bottomless prosecco on Saturdays and Sundays for £25. I will take that challenge! They also do a proper afternoon tea for £24 a head, with options to add champagne or a cocktail. I'd also recommend checking out their upcoming events which include a Spiderman clay modelling with drinks evening, musical bingo, and a Beyonce Single Ladies dance class. Hipster-rific.