Dior Fall 2017 Metallics Makeup

Dior AW17 Metallics Makeup


It may be July, it may be warmer than the sun, but by god – that won’t stop any fashion houses releasing their fall makeup collections. I would dearly love to be knee-deep in autumn right now, just thinking about crunchy leaves, pumpkin spiced drinks, warm boots, Halloween, and every other seasonal cliche just makes me yearn for toastier times. And I mean toast as in warm buttery toast by a fire, not the feeling of being unable to sleep at night as it’s so warm, and that rickety Argos fan in place of air conditioning isn’t cutting it.


Dior Fall 2017 Metallics Eyeshadow Palette


Dior’s Fall 2017 collection is all about Metallics, they’re going to shine city, and we’re all invited. Behold the jewel in the crown – the Hypnotize Palette, a limited edition 5 Couleurs to sparkle and shimmer your way through autumn. It’s stunning, and I think really hits the mark in terms of what people want for this time of year – rich browns and rusts, with some glitter to take the palette into the end of year party season.


Dior Hynotize Fall 2017 Eye Palette


I don’t think I quite did the second from top shade (above) justice. It’s the gold shade in the pan, but it comes out quite sheer with gold glitters, so it’s the type of thing you can wear alone for subtle sparkle, or layer on top of another shade. My teenage self would have been all over this, though you’ll be pleased to know this one has more staying power than Barry M. I’m living for that silver pink top shade, it’s unbelievably creamy, and so perfect for a one and done eyelid look, or for creating some light in a deeper toned look. I do like the olive-brown shade with gold glitter, again it’s a very subtle sparkle, but out of the darker shades I have to mostly give it up for the buttery deep matte brown and the bottom shade (the middle diamond in the pan), an intense metallic rust. This is £45, and on sale now.


Dior Metalizer Cream Eyeshadow


Also limited edition in the fall collection are six cream eyeshadows called Metalizer. Fierce metallics that work for day or night, the emphasis is on sheens or glitter-flecked sparkle. I love the dark green with gold glitter, and the purple couldn’t be more autumnal if it tried. You can also never have enough champagne shades in my opinion, and this one is a beaut stay-put sheen that gives your eye that stunning wet-look, perfect for day time with a few coats of mascara, and easy to dress up at night with liquid liner. An eyeshadow primer is a must, but I’ve found them all to be long-lasting and crease-proof. If anything, they’re a bugger to remove, but they don’t stain. These are £17 each, get them while you can.


Dior Autumn 2017 Metallic Eyeshadow

Dior Fall 2017 Metallics Swatches


Make sure you take a look at the Dior Fall 2017 Metallics Collection, it also includes six beautiful limited edition lipstick shades and two lipliners, two limited edition contour/highlight sticks, and three limited edition metallic nail polishes – all gorgeous colours. All in all, I’m loving this range, and I love how autumnal it makes me feel, even whilst it’s like a hot swamp outside.