Skin Saving Mineral Makeup From bareMinerals

BareMinerals Mineral Makeup


The older you become, the harder it gets to achieve full coverage from your makeup without it showing up every line and crevice. On one hand, your face is going to age, and that's a beautiful, if at times slightly disconcerting state of affairs, on the other – it's a pain in the arse when you're trying to cover up spots and eye bags, and your foundation is instead making your skin look a hundred times drier than it is. Makeup artists recommend that more mature skins skip the finishing powder, and whilst I'm not at that stage yet, I was definitely concerned that a powder foundation might not be the best for faking younger, clearer skin. How wrong I was when I tried bareMineral's Original Mineral Foundation. This amazing pot of powder is made with just five ingredients, and is apparently so pure you can sleep in it. 

The last time I used a powder foundation I was about fifteen, and when I swapped to liquid I never went back. I've always heard good things about this particular foundation, but assumed it was for the youngest of the young and I'd missed the boat. bareMinerals kindly sent me this set to try, so having nothing to lose I gamely buffed some Mineral Foundation into my skin using the small flat-headed brush. It feels surprisingly comfortable, and I'm impressed with the coverage. Being mineral makeup, it lets the skin breathe, making it ideal for acne-sufferers. It was slightly more forgiving than liquid foundation in my lines, which surprised me, and I was equally impressed with how long lasting it is. To help me get summer glowing skin, bareMinerals also sent me the Illuminating Mineral Veil, a beautiful finishing powder with a hint of sheen. It honestly looks very subtle, and putting a powder on top of powder foundation does not cause the cakey, dried out situation I thought it would. The Invisible Glow Powder (below) completes the look, it's a stunning bronzer with gold sheen, a more affordable version of Hourglass's powders, but no less rich and shimmery. I don't know the name of the large fluffy brush they sent me, but goddam is it good! Give bareMinerals a go for effortless skin-saving makeup. 


BareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder