Lipstick Queen’s Mornin’ Sunshine

Lipstick Queen Morning Sunshine


What's that you say? Yellow lipstick? Er… I think I register too low on the hipster-o-meter for that. But wait, this is a yellow lippy that changes to a delicious coral on your lips. What is this cosmetic witchery? Poppy King is the Willy Wonka of lipsticks (and blushers); things aren't what they seem in the bullet or the pan, you'll be dazzled by bright green blusher that turns your cheeks rose pink, and have a delightful summery-yellow lipstick in your hand whilst your peachy lips tell a different story. 


Bronte London


Last week I headed over to Bronte for the launch of Mornin' Sunshine, which comes out next month in the UK. We had cocktails, canapés, and a good chance to try not just the Lipstick Queen newbie, but pretty much everything in the collection, which includes some mighty good looking matte liquid lipsticks. One of the PR girls was wearing a stunning red called Eden, which I made an immediate mental note to purchase as soon as possible, and was delighted to find it in my goody bag. It's such a stunning red that would probably suit everyone. Poppy's (a.k.a Lipstick Queen's) whole ethos is that every single person can wear red lipstick, and with a billionty red tones to choose from in her range, it's safe to say your perfect match awaits.  


Lipstick Queen Yellow Lipstick


If you're still a bit red-lip shy, or you just want something more summery and coral, Mornin' Sunshine is perfect. Poppy's latest delight is beyond cute, and one of the prettiest things now making itself at home in my collection. Packed with vitamin E and sunflower oil, this super-moisturing gem works with your body's natural PH to change colour, allowing everyone to have a unique shade of coral. It won't keep changing colour whilst you're wearing it, like some kind of lipstick version of a mood-ring, but as your PH balance changes daily, you might find the shade differing slightly the next time you wear it. You'll get that 'new lipstick' excitement each time you apply! The packaging is insanely cute too, the yellow to coral colour transition mirrors the one that happens on your lips. 


Lipstick Queen


I'm obsessed with my goody bag (above) which contains Mornin' Sunshine and the aforementioned Eden. I also got a copy of Poppy's A-Z of Lipstick; a history of lippy as well as a manifesto for how life-enhancing it is. An ideal wee present for any lipstick fans in your life. 

Mornin' Sunshine is available in Space NK from 6th May and nationwide from 6th June, price £22.