Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore At The Unicorn

A unicorn


Quickity-quick, get down to the Unicorn Theatre at London Bridge to see this fab kids' show! Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore is a colourful hour-long tale about three friends at the beach, told through mime, physical theatre, big expressions, and slapstick that had the audience of 3-7 year olds quite literally rolling on the floor laughing. A raked stage with yellow carpet is the beach, and a row of blue mats makes the sea, which children are encouraged to sit on, even though they have the actors rolling down the stage in to them and paddling around them – even pretending to wee on them at one point. I took my three year old niece, and the sight of her being pretend-wee'd on as she sat obliviously on the mat right below the male actor was kind of funny, but also a bit wrong. She absolutely loved getting involved, handing a ball that rolled downstage back to an actor, and dancing hand in hand with another actor at the end. She loved this show so much, enthusiastically shouting during the show "LOOK AUNTY SARAH!" when the lights changed colours (I just pretended I didn't know her), and she talked about it a lot afterwards, particularly liking how the characters expressed being cross or sad by just saying their own name or the names of one of the other two characters – this is the only dialogue. It's a terrific clowning piece, and flies by full of action and laughs. It was on at The Unicorn last year, so it may return again, but in case it doesn't – I urge you to get some tickets for this run which ends on the 7th April. 


Production photo by Richard Davenport courtesy of The Unicorn Theatre. My tickets were complimentary for a press review