Hippeas Healthy Crisps

Hippeas Gluten Free Crisps


Last month I received the biggest PR sample I've ever had. Hippeas asked me if I'd like to try their healthy snacks, and I thought they'd send me maybe one of each flavour. They sent me a box of each flavour, and there's twenty-four packets in each one! One fellow blogger suggested I open a shop, another said I should use the boxes to build a fort. Both good suggestions, but I went for giving out Hippeas to friends, family and neighbours to try, whilst doing what can only be called extensive research by eating many, many packets.


Hippeas Chickpea Snacks


Sample size excitement aside, I'm really glad to have been introduced to Hippeas – a healthy alternative to crisps. These yummy puffs are made from chickpeas instead of potatoes, have less saturated fat and are totally gluten-free. You honestly won't know the difference; taste and texture-wise they're like any other type of puffed crisps. They come in five flavours, which I've ranked in order of deliciousness, with Cheese & Love being the winner. They're like Wotsits, if Wotsits were organic, and a hundred percent less full of additives and chemicals. I also loved Sweet & Smokin, a moreish barbecue flavour, and Far Out Fajita, which I think is supposed to Mexican style but tastes more like curry and cumin flavours. The Pepper Power ones were a bit too spicy for me, but a hit with friends who like firey-hot snacks. Last but not least is In Herbs We Trust, packed with oregano, thyme and rosemary – they have a floral kind of herby note, not my thing – but I'm sure they'll go down a storm with herb fans. 


Chickpea vegan snacks


Hippeas are vegan, an excellent source of fibre and protein, and they're made with good vibes – supporting African farmers with fair trade deals. You can currently only buy Hippeas in Planet Organic and on Amazon, but follow their Twitter for updates as they hope to launch in supermarkets soon. Give peas a chance!