The Perfect Party Accessories From Hello Party (And A Discount Code)

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Hello Party recently relaunched their awesome custom-banner ordering site to include a whole host of gorgeous party accessories, and I flipped out at the colourful goodness. As my lil' niece was having her third birthday party, they very kindly offered to give me some treasures to road test on a bunch of toddlers. Rather than going with one theme, I decided to mix it up with different colours and patterns, which looked awesome.


Colourful Pastel Cute Party Plates


These are the sailor-stripe, chevron, and sprinkles items (above), as well as pale pink and lavender napkins and two different types of straws. Yes it's very girly, not that colours should be gendered, but my niece loves pink and purple, and none of the boys there gave a hoot about the colour choices. The party was held at Redlees Play Centre in Isleworth, which is open to the public during the week, and can be hired at weekends for private parties. You get a three-hour slot, but only two hours of that is allowed to be party time; they're back to back booked, so they want you to use half an hour to set up and half an hour to tidy up at the end. It's great value as there's a main room where the kids had their food, a sensory playroom for babies (several mums brought theirs along), an outdoor adventure playground, and a separate playroom with a ball pool and soft play climbing section. It's not massive, but there's loads of toys, and it was perfect for the twenty children and their parents who turned up. 


Childrens Party Shop


The light blue tables were ideal for the colourful tableware, shame there was only two of them, the red one wasn't the best, and the green one became the 'big kids' table for the slightly older cousins. 


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Party Food


This isn't the whole birthday cake (below), this is just one of the turrets from the princess castle cake, a bargain from M&S. I just wanted to show you this gorgeous lemon plate that we served slices of cake on. How cute is it! I think this would be great for summer picnics, as would Hello Party's other retro designs. Check them out. 


Princess Birthday Cake

Randomly there was a huge fireplace in the main room, complete with creepy straw teddy. Hello Party had sent some of their amazing bunting, and it seemed the ideal place to hang it. If your party venue doesn't have a fireplace with creepy teddy, the bunting is also great for an entrance hall, or for putting outside to show people where the shindig is. All you need to do on Hello Party's site is choose which style bunting you want, type in the message, and then thread through the string they supply when it arrives. 


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Hello Party Banners Balloons


The balloon selection they have is also great, from giant letter and number balloons to packs in every colour known to man. I chose the Jewel section which is all shiny blues, greens, and purples, and the Princess ones, which are cream, pink and lavender – also very shiny. Although they looked fab on the walls with some gold ribbon, the children just wanted them down to play with. You don't need to spend much on party entertainment for three year olds; we didn't even have any music – most of the time they were throwing balloons in the air with as much wild excitement as I would throw wads of cash if I won the lottery. At the end we told guests to help themselves to balloons, shoutout to this girl who tried for ages to hold five at the same time. She knows a good balloon when she sees one. 


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What's a party without a party bag? It cracked us up that the kids are getting so used to these, one girl even asked on arrival if there would be party bags. They really liked Hello Party's style of bags, which are paper ones, like you might get a 20p mix in at a sweet shop – only they're way cooler and come in several designs. I chose purple and yellow, so they'd be unisex, and they are the perfect size to fit a few small toys and sweets. We got stretchy men, Peppa Pig stickers, mini ice-cream games, little pots of bubbles, and Kinder chocolate sticks, all from Amazon – and everything fit really well. Hello Party have some great party bag fillers of their own to save you the leg work. 


Cheap Party Bags


Whatever kind of party you have coming up, be it wedding, birthday, or something completely random – you'll find everything you need at Hello Party! I also think their items are going to be great for Instagram photos. Speaking of which – make sure you follow Hello Party's Instagram for a daily dose of colour, they work really hard on their pictures and I love seeing them pop up in my feed. Up until the 16th March 2017 you can get 20% off orders of £10 or more using the code HELLOPROSECCO

I hope you get something to brighten up your day! 


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