A Brilliant Product For Post-Pregnancy Skin

Post Pregnancy Skin


As I mentioned recently, both my sisters were having babies over the Christmas week, and whilst that put me in a situation where people thought they could say all kinds of odd and intrusive things, it all came good and two baby bundles of cuteness are now in the fam. One of my sisters already has a toddler, and I remembered how bad her skin became in the early weeks right after giving birth. I know that sounds so mean, but bear with me. My sister had always had amazing skin, you can't see a goddam pore without a magnifying glass, and I think she's had about two spots in her life. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, during the later stages of pregnancy she had the kind of lit-from-within glow that makeup companies wished they could recreate with products. It was a shock to see this radiance sharply booted from existence once she'd given birth, and for a good few months she had actual grey skin that looked like it needed to be soaked in a vat of moisturiser. My sister told me that her baby had sucked the life force out of her, and I'm guessing sleepless nights and the stress of being a first-time parent weren't helping much. I gave her a facial with some of my best oils and serums, and whilst this helped a bit, she needed to regularly use a product to restore normality. At the time I wasn't sure which one that should be, but now I'd hands-down recommended Merumaya's Iconic Youth Serum, a potent blend of hyaluronic acid and omega-rich oil that I find to be refreshing and hard-working. It's perfect for targeting anti-ageing, as well as hormone-inducing blemishes that not just pregnant women or new mums suffer from.

One of my sisters has been putting it on daily since bringing my squeezy little nephew into the world, and says it has worked wonders for keeping the grey at bay. Not all mothers experience post-birth skin problems, but if you're looking for the perfect present to give a new mum this is still a nice treat that they'd probably appreciate. Having a new baby is a time in a woman's life when self-care can go out the window, she's obviously got more important things to be doing. But if the serum is there, it's easy to apply and nourish the skin without any hassle. If you buy it for yourself, try it every day for a month – you'll be staggered with the results. It's not iconic without reason.