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This idea is the cutest! Combine your love of starsigns and cosmetics with MYSIGN by Makeup Revolution, twelve teensy eyeshadow wheels and twelve lipglosses, one for each zodiac sign. I hardly need to say that they'd make great stocking fillers, and everyone would love to have their own sign, complete with full 2017 horoscope. I'm a Leo (roarrr), and I absolutely love this colour palette - rich browns and golds are my thang. It's not just eyeshadows though, oh no, this cute colour wheel has eyelid primer, brow highlighter, two shades of brow powder, and three highly blend-able shadows, everything you need (minus mascara) for a complete eye look. I wasn't that keen on the Leo lipgloss, a heady deep purple that I can't pull off. Makeup Revolution very kindly sent me a Libra gloss alongside my Leo wheel, this browny-rose is much more me. In case you're wondering – Leo's are adventurous and fun-loving whilst Libra's are more boring (jokes!), they're harmonious and romantic. Check out the full range at Superdrug, at these fab prices you can gift yourself a few as well. Ahem. 


Libra Starsign



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