Chatty Feet Stocking Fillers

Chatty Feet Colourful Socks


What's Christmas without unwrapping a new pair of socks? They're the perfect tree present, stocking filler, or secret santa gift. Everyone loves socks because we also need them. Useful presents are good presents. The trouble with Christmas socks is that you feel an idiot wearing overly festive designs after New Year's Eve, so if you're going to gift socks, I highly recommend Chatty Feet, a collection of adorable characters with humorous names (Brad Feet, he's Brad Pitt!). If you want something a little kookier, the Meggy is a cute black and yellow stripy lady, and I was made up that Chatty Feet sent me some over. These socks are amazing quality, lasting wash after wash (I have some from two years ago), and they also do junior versions for babies and children. These Brad ones are actually slipper socks for toddlers, a really good idea as my two year old niece is not always keen on wearing slippers and I'm often alarmed at how cold her feet get. She loves wearing Chatty Feet though and having the characters smile up at her, and even gave these ones a back story. Head over to Chatty Feet and check out their new pillow cases and badges for more gift ideas. The Johnny Slept (Johnny Depp) one is a controversial choice, but like the rest of us he'll be putting a bad year behind him and seeing in the new one with enthusiasm. Probably. 


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