By Terry Impearlious Ombre Blackstar Gift Collection

By Terry Impearlicious Blackstar Ombre


I've been moaning and huffing on Twitter like some kind of old grandma about how ruthless the shops are in starting Christmas early and finishing it before we've even had Christmas Day - 


Commercial side of Christmas


And I stand by this, it's all getting a bit ridiculous and meaningless. However, I did spy that a makeup gift set I'd wanted for my collection had gone on sale in the Harrods-we-used-to-start-our-sale-on-Boxing-Day-but-now-it-starts-a-week-before-Christmas-sale, you know – that well known Harrods sale. The By Terry Impearlious Ombre Blackstar set has five beautiful shades, but retailed at £110, which meant you'd only save £10 on the set instead of buying five full price Ombre Blackstars at £30 each. My eyes went out on stalks when I saw Harrods had reduced it to £55! How often are beauty sales actually 50% off? Especially before Christmas has even been and gone? This made the set a total bargain, like getting £5 off buying two Ombre Blackstars and getting three free. If you haven't tried these, they're the most beautiful cream eyeshadows in twist-up stick applicators, they blend amazingly well and have staying power unlike any other cream shadows I've tried, even Tom Ford ones. They're just so pretty; metallic glistening shades that can be dressed up or down, and they give your eyes a wide-wake shine. 


By Terry Ombre Blackstar


I love them all, but I'm especially excited about Blond Opal and Bronze moon for daytime looks, and Black Pearl for Christmas parties – it's an intense black with blue glitters. You can literally just roll these over your lids (use a primer), and blend out the edges and you're done. So easy, but I always get people asking what eyeshadow I'm wearing. I couldn't be more delighted to have scored such a sale bargain, and I know that makes me a massive hypocrite – though I was prepared to wait until Boxing Day as normal. When I was at school there was a girl in my year whose parents celebrated Christmas Day on the 27th December so they could use the Boxing Day sales to buy all the presents, food and decorations. I felt sorry for her, it was a bit weird – but now her family, wherever they may be, don't need to do this anymore, the early sales mean everyone can have some bargains at Christmas. If the shops have their way, we'll also get to have Easter sales before Easter, and summer sales in May. I wish we could all slow down and appreciate the moment a bit more, but on the other hand, my Christmas has been made with this sweet bargain. It's ups and downs. 


Oops! Spelt Impearlious wrong on my swatch picture. Ah well, I like how I've Beyonced it up a bit.