Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics


Well, here's a thing of stunning and angelic beauty, and thats just the packaging. I've gone weak at the knees for Urban Decay's Naked Palettes before, but this is their best looking one yet. On the outside I mean, let's not get ahead of ourselves and write off all those amazing shimmers and metallics in the other Nakeds. But for now, it's all about the mattes, and my oh my, this is every matte you'll ever need. 


Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Matte Eyeshadows


I'm a glitter fiend through and through, but a girl cannot live by sparkles alone. Those mattes help us blend and transition, they cut creases, and they can be super flattering when you wear a whole-matte look. If you haven't tried Urban Decay shadows before, you should know that they're very soft and easy to work with, but have staying power and will last you all day. They always have great names too, I'm loving pre-game (the best part of any night out). 


Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Swatches

Urban Decay Basics Matte Palette


Straight off the bat I've been using autumn-appropriate shades Extra Bitter and Faith, and Tempted and Instinct are so pretty for creating subtle cut-creases that look great with winged liquid liner. I wouldn't say Blackjack is the blackest black I've ever seen, but it's definitely useful for smoking out looks. I'm loving that Magnet is a lot more grey than it looks in the pan, as I was thinking I wouldn't have use for a pale blue. Blow is great for brow-bone highlighting and inner corners, and Nudie is a fab all-over lid neutral base. There's a bit of kick-back in the pan, but no fallout once they're applied, and I actually like the square shape of this palette, it's lighter and less bulky than its Naked cousins. And did I mention how pretty it is? Yes. Yes, I think I did…