Eight Days A Week Beatles Film Review and Giveaway!

Eight Days A Week Beatles Film


The end credits of this film go up in total silence. There's no need for anything to be played because you've just watched 100 minutes of some of the twentieth century's best pop music, layered with a whole heap of girls screaming, and intercut with some fantastic interviews and archive footage. You think you know all there is to know about the Fab Four (and maybe super fans will know the most of this), but Hollywood legend Ron Howard has added his own spin on the origins and rise of the most famous boyband the world has ever known, so as well as unseen footage and new interviews from key players (including Paul and Ringo), the whole thing is edited at a pace that mirrors the amazing enthusiasm and charisma of these four lads from Liverpool who made it big. I really enjoyed this, though it's not one to stick on in the background whilst editing blog photos (which is how I watch most films these days), as there's too much to watch on screen and listen to. Side note: why on earth did all those fans waste the opportunity to listen to the Beatles at their gigs, instead of shrieking and bellowing like loons? I laughed at footage of one policeman at a gig standing in the aisle with his hands over his ears, grimacing in pain at the screams around him. I bet he was gutted to not be able to hear The Beatles live, either. 

Eight Days A Week is out on special 2-disc DVD and Blu-Ray on 21st November, jam-packed with special features. Woooo! *shaking head Beatles-style*

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