Tom Ford Honeymoon Palette

Tom Ford Honeymoon-2


If you've never experienced the luxury of Tom Ford eyeshadows, you seriously need to get on board this buttery smooth bus of extravagance. If I could, I'd own all of Tom's gorgeous quads, but as they're a whopping £64 each I settled on Honeymoon, which very happily (in my book) recently became a permanent fixture in the collection. When it launched in January as a limited edition Spring 2016 item I mistakenly slept on it, and of course it sold out literally everywhere in the world within weeks. With tears in my eyes I read blog posts and watched YouTube reviews about Honeymoon, knowing that these beautiful shadows would never be mine. The day I heard it was coming back (due to massive demand) my beauty blogging heart soared. I'm only half exaggerating. 


Tom Ford Honeymoon


These romantic colours make the name Honeymoon perfect, and although they were from a spring collection, they're also perfect for autumn. What's more, when applied wet they make fantastic shiny Christmas-party colours. 


Tom Ford Honeymoon Swatches


You can see from the swatches that applying them with a damp brush really intensifies the pigment, and makes them much more metallic. Applied dry the colour is also fantastic, and needless to say – extremely long lasting and crease-proof (though, always use an eyeshadow primer, kids) which is frankly what you should get for such a pricey palette. 


Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow


Unsurprisingly, Honeymoon keeps selling out, so if you want one you'll need to keep your eyes peeled and be quick – it's sold in the UK at Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, and other major department stores. You'll also find beautiful colours and the same insanely soft and richly pigmented eyeshadow in the other Tom Ford quads – Nude Dip is high on my lust list.