Ten Colourful Instagram Accounts To Follow

Aw Sam Instagram


I just love scrolling through Instagram and being hit in the senses by a bright, colourful photo. Don't get me wrong, I like variety in my feed, but I realised I'm following a heck of a lot of peeps with colourful themes. It's no wonder as these pops of pure childlike wonderment put a smile on my boat race. If you need to brighten up your days as they get darker and shorter this autumn, here's some of my faves to follow.


1.) Aww.Sam (top picture)

Firstly, what a cool name (a play on awesome, obvs), and secondly – welcome to colourful cake heaven, designer Sam Ushiro is your host. Expect lots of unicorns and sprinkles.  @aww.sam


Color Me Courtney Instagram


2.) Color Me Courtney

It's all cute outfit pics against neon walls, doughnuts and dreams for this adorable blogger. I love me a Courtney-gram. @colormecourtney


Labels For Lunch Instagram


3.) Labels For Lunch

Queen of the flatlay, dame of the detail, and total master of colour, fashion blogger Labels For Lunch whips up tasty Insta treats for all. @labelsforlunch


A Whimsy Wonderland Instagram


4.) A Whimsy Wonderland

Spinkles, cocktails, disco balls – this pair of blogging babes have it all. They're serving bold colour with a side of pastel. @awhimsywonderland


Hot Pink Pineapples Instagram


5.) Hot Pink Pineapples

You just want to enter the world of Hot Pink Pineapples and have a nice holiday there. Enormous margaritas, novelty inflatables, and some of the most stunning, colourful shots on Instagram @hotpinkpineapples 


Little Drill Creative Instagram


6.) Little Drill Creative

Oddly minimalist, and a little bit arty – but no less eye-catchingly colourful. Proof that you can post a pair of trainers on their own and still have a popular colour account @littledrill 


The Crafted Life Instagram

7.)  The Crafted Life

If you're all about interiors, you need to follow Rachel Mae Smith for gorgeous desk shots, amazing room makeovers, and daring DIYs. And sprinkles… of course. @thecraftedlife


Lovely Indeed Instagram


8.) Lovely Indeed

I wish Chelsea Foy was my mum. She makes her cute kid rainbow waffles and takes him to resplendent fun fairs, and don't even get me started on the breakfasts that are works of art. A colour account with a cosy family vibe @lovelyindeed


ALishyLishy Colourful Instagram


9.) A Lishy Lishy

Pleasing geometrics, sweet treats, and balloons, I love seeing stylist Alisha John's work pop up as I scroll. She always looks like she's having the time of her life, and it inspires me to be more creative instead of just taking boring Instagrams of what I'm up to. @alishylishy


Rosie Clayton Instagram


10.) Rosie Clayton

Well, hello magnificent pops of colour in my feed. You must belong to girl about town, Rosie Clayton. Sometimes she finds a wall so beautifully beguiling, she doesn't even need to put herself or any props in front of it. @rclayton 


I'll leave it there, but believe me, I could go on and on – such is my passion for bright, colourful creative Instas. Maybe a part two is on the cards….



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