Ugly Water!

Ugly Water


I've been right off fizzy drinks for ages, except prosecco, of course, and the occasional Diet Coke (mostly with vodka). Maybe it's part of growing up, but fizz pop starts to taste like liquid death, and I've found myself thinking hmmm, you know what's nice – pomegranate juice or beetroot juice mixed with sparkling water. Yes, really. I may even have invented Ugly water before they did, but in hindsight I should have gone for more mainstream flavours than beetroot. Ugly sent me four cans of their healthy fizzy – just sparkling water in two refreshing flavours, no refined sugar, no artificial sweeteners, just water and natural flavours. Lemon and Lime tastes exactly like Sprite, that same sweet citrus combo, just without the sugary aftertaste (and a whole heap less calories to boot), plus the citrus flavours are taken from the peel of actual fruits, and not made in a Sprite lab. Grapefruit and Pineapple reminds me of Lilt (remember that?), a really nice tropical drink for summer. They're both delicious, and yes, a healthy mixer for alcohol – maybe, not saying I tried that… it's just a hunch. You can buy these online or at health food shops like Whole Foods and Planet Organic, and enjoy some fizzy pop knowing it has zero calories, no sugar or fat, no salt, and definitely no chemical nasties. Cheers!  


Ugly Healthy Soda Drink




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