Givenchy And Chanel Autumn 2016 Eye Palettes

Givenchy Chanel Fall 2016


Autumnal makeup tends to be all reds and browns, and I ain't mad at that. I'd say my entire cosmetic collection is 90% on the brown spectrum, there's nothing more flattering than a brown eye and a nude lip. It does mean, however, that I never need any more brown makeup for the rest of my days – and as any beauty fan knows, that talk you have with yourself about what you want and what you definitely don't need, no way no how, is agonising. Chanel's Le Rouge Autumn 2016 collection is designed by makeup artist extraordinaire, Lucia Pica, and is all about re-thinking red. Rouge is probably the last thing we want our eyes to be, red eye being synonymous with extreme fatigue, and yet when I saw Lucia's stunning promo shots (starring Kristen Stewart), she's made red eyes extremely wearable, as dramatic as you like, and it made me think this is an autumnal and mostly brown palette I NEED! 


Chanel Le Rouge Autumn Fall 2016


The Chanel Le Rouge 268 has two browns: one chestnut, one darker rich hue, a champagne colour, and a warm brick red, the colour of autumn leaves – all pleasingly smooth and buttery, just as you'd expect from Chanel. I don't think I have any palettes that are all matte either, and I have to say, it's a flattering texture for eyes (though shimmers and glitters will always appeal to my inner magpie). I've seen so many tutorials on blogs and on YouTube suggesting different ways to use this palette, everything from full-on red smoky to gorgeous everyday fall looks. This is the palette to treat yourself to if you're in the market for something stunning, high end, season-appropriate, and very easy to work with. 




Givenchy's offering surprised me a little – I first saw the Superstellar Palette back in spring and thought it was a preview of a Christmas palette. The stars, the glitter, the total lack of autumnal colours – it doesn't say fall to me. But… I LIKE IT! Let's have something different, why not? Plus, it makes me feel less guilty for not buying more browns that I don't need. It was really difficult to capture how beautiful this purple shade is on camera, it's a gorgeous soft focus violet with fine gold glitter that would work all year round in everything from a dark smoky eye to a pretty spring look. Speaking of spring, that pastel pink is more of an Easter colour, but I can see it working as a brilliant transition shade or crease colour. It's a beyond-buttery matte, absolutely perfect. And then there's the silver. I don't think I've come across one this smooth and intensely pigmented before, I really like it. Haven't worn it yet, but I can tell just from playing with swatches that it's not going to be one with tonnes of glitter fall-out. 


Givenchy Superstellar Eye Palette Autumn Fall 2016


That star design though! Have you ever seen anything so cute? I would have maybe preferred four smaller stars, but I know I'll need more of that silver when I'm using it as an eyeshadow topper on everything forever. I also picked up two of Chanel's Stylo cream eyeliners, two limited edition shades that are part of the autumn collection. Eros is a beautiful deep red wine colour and Agape is a stunning rich bronze. 


Chanel Stylo Eros Agape

Chanel Stylo Eros Agape Autumn 2016


They are so smooth and blendable, striking on their own or as part of an overall eye look. I love that Eros' red tone lifts the green in my hazel eyes, a good dupe is this one from Too Cool For School. Both these Stylos are limited edition whilst stocks last, same with the Givenchy Superstellar Pallette, but the Chanel palette (268) is here to stay, woop! Now we just need autumn weather, jumpers, hot-chocolates and roaring fires. Air punch! 




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