Equi London Beautiful Powder

Equi London Beautiful


What is it with murky green drinks being so good for our skin? One day, something pretty and pink, maybe with a mini-umbrella and a plastic flamingo, will be the skin saviour of the day. Until then, we'll have to keep necking what looks like pond water. I was blinded by the insanely beautiful packaging of Equi London's new beauty powder, all black and gold and shiny. The contents are, of course, green powder, and when a teaspoon is mixed with a glass of water, you get your murky green. I braced myself for something that might taste disgusting, pond water can never be delicious, right? I'm absolutely flabbergasted by this – a green beauty drink that tastes good. Equi's Beautiful powder contains GlowCurtis technology – a powerful complex of marine collagen, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, a mighty kick of zinc for great skin, plus your all your daily multivitamin, omega and probiotics needs covered. The flavour is pomegranate, and I can confirm it tastes exactly like this delicately sweet fruit, despite looking less than appetising. It's totally sip-able, no need to knock it back and wince. Unlike some beauty supplements, this one is free from gluten, yeast, and artificial sweeteners, plus it's suitable for vegans. Created by lifelong friends Alice (a qualified nutritionist) and Rosie (the business brains, both pictured below), Equi London is about helping to combat the effects of city living – long working days combined with workouts and hectic social lives. Their beauty powders aim to restore balance and support the body for beautiful skin. 


Equi London Founders


Taken daily as a drink, or added to smoothies, this beauty booster powder claims to help keep skin glowing and clear, whilst fighting the signs of ageing. After having it every day for the past four weeks, I can confirm it's had some affect, I'm so happy with how bright and soft my skin is, there's definitely a visible difference. It might be that I'm making more of an effort to work out, and that I'm trying some new beauty products that are working well – it could all be a coincidence, but I'm sticking with Equi London's Beautiful just in case. At the very least it's a brilliant dose of good quality daily vitamins to support health as well as the skin, and it's a murky green drink that tastes good! The range also includes Fundamental, a powder designed to combat low energy, poor concentration, tiredness, and hormonal imbalances. 


Equi Beautiful Fundamental


Equi London Beautiful and Fundamental powders are available to buy online and at Net-a-Porter. Each box contains 30 servings – a month's supply. Beautiful is £62, Fundamental is £55. Equi London kindly gave me a sample of Beautiful to try.



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