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Doisy & Dam Chocolate


You know you're grown up when things like Maltesers and Cadbury's Dairy Milk feel like kids' chocolate. When you crave something more sophisticated, preferably organic, and quite possibly in beautifully designed packaging, you know your misspent chocolate scoffing days are over, and your life can begin as a cocoa connoisseur. Enter Doisy & Dam, the chocolate bars my life has been missing, exquisite chocolate in adorable graphic wrapping, with added health to make you enjoy your chocolatey treats guilt free. 


Doisy and Dam Healthy Organic Chocolate


These aren't called the superfood chocolate bars for nothing. As well as being the finest dark, milk and white organic chocolates, each bar contains globally sourced ingredients packed with anti-oxidants, minerals and general health. I didn't even know what baobab was, but it's good for you, and now I know it goes very well with lemon flavour white chocolate. These are all delicious (except for coffee, I'm not a fan, maybe I'm not that sophisticated quite yet), and a highlight for me was definitely the date and himalayan pink salt – talk about sweet and savoury mouthwatering textures! I was apprehensive about the quinoa with smoked tea and vanilla, but it's stunning – literally tastes of a smoky gunpowder-style tea, really smooth, and has beneficial protein from the quinoa. As you can see, I'm a bit of a milk chocolate fan, but they have some amazing flavours and superfoods in their dark range, including goji berry, coconut, spirulina, chilli, maca and hemp. 


Doisy and Dam healthy doughnuts


If this wasn't exciting enough, Doisy & Dam are lending their powers of healthy deliciousness to doughnuts! They've partnered up with Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and will be offering doughnuts to guests and passers-by throughout August in their Bulldog Cafe. If you're in the area, make sure you try one. This week they have smoked tea and vanilla infused cream with a milk chocolate glaze and puffed quinoa, next week it's orange cream filled with a dark chocolate glaze and a topping of goji berries and candy orange. Drool……

So glad to have this chocolate range in my life, and a huge thanks to them for sending me over these bars to try. Don't forget to check out their social media competition for a chance to win free chocs aplenty. Here's to healthy chocolate munching from this day forth. 


Doisy Dam Chocolate Giveaway Competition





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