Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner

Dinoplatz Highline Eye Liner


Bonkers makeup brand Too Cool For School was founded in New York, and has taken South Korea by storm. Being recently released Stateside at Sephora, and at Selfridges in the UK has put it on the radar of western beauty fans, and the adorable packaging has proved a hit amongst beauty bloggers, especially the Dinoplatz range designed by Crosspoint New York and Hatori Sando. There are several covetable Dinoplatz items, including a liquid highlighter and a highlight compact (yes, I'm all about illumination right now), but I went for the Highline Eyeliner in Red Wine. This comes in the cute fold out packaging (above), that for some reason makes me want to colour it in. 


Too Cool For School Eyeliner

Too Cool For School Highline Eyeliner


The illustration is also on the pencil, which comes in a plastic case with a lid. It's a really fun item, and the eyeliner itself (below) is creamy and easy to use. Red Wine is a fantastic reddish-purple that's perfect for bringing the green out in my hazel eyes, and has a smooth matte finish (though the range comes in a mix of shimmers and mattes). 


Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner Red Wine


Who doesn't like a makeup range that makes them smile just looking at it? I'd definitely love to try more of Dinoplatz, and some of the other Too Cool For School ranges. It seems like South Korea has been hiding all the best skincare and makeup for a while, putting a protective arm around it like a primary school kid who won't let others see their work, but slowly and surely we're finding out what they've been guarding. You can pick up the Highline Eyeliner for £13.50 at Selfridges, and there's more of the range at Sephora (ships to the UK with no additional customs charge). Dino-riffic! 




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