Embrace Texture With Diet Coke And Essie

Diet Coke Essie Nails Promotion


I've always been a one-colour nail kind of a gal. Never tried nail art, no teensy tiny nail piercings, not even a feature nail in a different colour. So when Diet Coke challenged me to embrace texture and experiment with pattern as part of their Essie promotion I was a bit hesitant at first. They convinced me with their super-easy nail hacks; nail art for non-nail artists, and I may not have a made a good job of it, but it was actually loads of fun.  


Essie Nail Polish Grey Red Pink


First, you need to paint your nails. Don't copy me and have super-dry edges round the nails, you definitely don't need that (the ladyshame). Throughout May you can get one of these three Essie Nail polishes (above) in Fiji (a pretty pink-toned white), Fishnet Stockings (a racy blood-red) or Cocktail Bling (a really nice slightly blue-toned grey) for just £5.99 in Boots when you buy a 500ml bottle of Diet Coke. It's no coincidence that these are very Diet Cokey colours, the grey being the silver on the bottle, the red from the logo, and the white for Diet Coke cans. I love Essie polishes, and these three are super shiny! I love them all, but as someone with precisely three hundred shades of grey polish, I especially welcomed Cocktail Bling to the fold. 


DIY Nail Art


When the nails are dry, you're ready to decorate. I devoured an ice-cold Diet Coke and peeled off the bottle label, rolling it up to use as a line-maker on the grey nail. As you can see the lines at the bottom were a bit wonky, so I ditched the label and used the straw to make more precise lines at the top of the nail. For the spots on the other two nails, Diet Coke recommended using a kirby grip, and it's actually a really cheap dupe for those expensive nail art 'dotters' you can buy. Some spots were more precise than others, but you can play with size and layout quite easily. I used Fiji on the red nail and Cocktail Bling on the white nail. I think I would need to practice a lot more, but it is fun to embrace texture and play around with it, I found myself looking round for different things to create textures and patterns with – and if you go wrong your nails are small enough to clean and start again. 

If you pick up the Diet Coke and Essie deal in Boots, show off your nail art on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DietCokeBeautyBreak. The offer ends on the 24th May 2016, and just to clarify – the 500ml bottle of Diet Coke is a plastic one, I just used a glass one in my top photo as I'm fancy like that. Next time I'm in Boots I'll be sure to pick up some nail oil or cuticle cream too… ahem.


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