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Voodoo Ray's Shoreditch


Voodoo Ray's has been the hip place to get New York-style pizza slices in London for a while now, the first branch resides in Dalston. Hooray for their new Shoreditch branch; a chance to make even more hipsters happy! I bowled in here after the Diet Coke party with Lauren and Sasha, and we found some stools to sit on. Not just any stools – how cute are these copper and minty-green babies? I'm not really a fan of stool-perching, but these were so pretty, and we were so merry, that I cared not. 


Voodoo Ray's


I briefly lived in New York (for three whole weeks! Haaa!) and in that time I estimate I had about thirty-seven pizza slices. You tell yourself it's just a slice, it's okay… but in my sizeable stay in Manhattan I truly abused the wonder of walking into pizza slice places and having 'just a slice'. Voodoo Ray's slices are slightly smaller and not as floppy as NYC's finest, and of course they're more expensive (hello, welcome to London), but boy are they yummy! Check out this vegetarian mother below with goats cheese and courgettes. 


Voodoo Ray's Pizza


I settled for a good old cheese and tomato, complete with basil leaf that drunkenly got tossed aside. I liked it! There's a good vibe in here, lots of club kids and city workers who strayed down the road from Liverpool Street (we saw one of them get run over afterwards, I kid you not. But he was okay – even his iPhone that got flung across the road didn't even get scratched. Look both ways, people, especially when boozing). Where was I? Oh yes, Voodoo Ray's is the perfect after-party or quick-stop lunch place, it's not somewhere you'd probably want to stay for long. They also do takeaways, and one day I might attempt that whole vegetarian pie. Drool… 


Voodoo Ray's New York Pizza In London

Shoreditch London Pizza




  1. August 16, 2015 / 8:14 pm

    Ohh looks good! I haven’t been to either of these, must go when I’m on that side of town! x
    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Sarah
    August 16, 2015 / 10:19 pm

    Definitely worth a try! Hmmm.. Pizza…

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