Urban Massage

Urban Massage


I can't tell you the amount of times I've had a massage at a salon or spa and just wished I could somehow be magically transported to my home to enjoy the post-massage feeling of lightness and calm. Having to commute on the London Underground is a sure-fire way to lose any kind of blissed out feeling, especially in summer-broken-air-con-tourist-season hell. So, welcome Urban Massage, the answer to all my dreams. This easy to use service enables you to book a fully qualified massage therapist and have them come to your home, even on the same day within one hour! You can arrange your treatment via the website or a handy dandy app, you simply pop in your postcode, select which type of massage you'd like (including deep tissue, thai, pregnancy, and sports massages), and then a selection of times and available therapists comes up – you choose, and your card is charged. The hardest part is deciding on a therapist – they all look so nice and smiley, and their bios list impressive ranges of qualifications. I had already selected a reflexology treatment, and after way too long umm-ing and ah-ing about who to pick, I went with Susannah as it said she'd trained at one of the best Chinese relaxation and massage centres in the world (it's in New York, not China). 

Susannah arrived exactly at the designated time and quickly set up the table she brought with her. I was worrying that my lounge would be too small, but Susannah tells me she's encountered spaces where there wasn't even enough room to lay the table out, let alone her walk round it. Another reason I chose this particular therapist is, like several of Urban Massage's crew, Susannah will do a combination of treatments. We discussed what I'd like, and any particular aches or stiffness I had, then I was asked to fetch some towels to go under and over me, and the treatment begins. It was quite a warm day so I had the window open, and the sounds of neighbours power-tooling away was drowning out Susannah's calming playlist. I'd probably say this is the only downside to having a home treatment, that and the possibility that a delivery could arrive at any moment (I get a lot of PR samples throughout the week) and I'd have to get up covered in oil to sign for it. Luckily no door interruptions happened, and I enjoyed an hour of utter bliss as Susannah started at my neck and shoulders, spent time working on my stiff upper arm, massaged my scalp (hmmmm), and then spent ages on my feet for the reflexology. She asked me where I'd like the final five minutes of the treatment and I chose the neck, purely because my feet were feeling like clouds already. 

After the treatment there was less small-talk than at the start, though I was interested to learn more about Susannah's training. Then she was off into the afternoon sun, and I was left feeling utterly relaxed and with that post-massage bliss I love – only now I'm in my apartment and I can just lay down and not have to stress about trekking across London. I actually had a bath, which Susannah recommended to ease the muscles she's been de-knotting. I'd definitely recommend trying Urban Massage for a quick and easy service that's every bit as professional and effective as seeing a therapist at a clinic or spa. 

Urban Massage offered me a complimentary treatment in return for this review. The service is currently available in London and Manchester, and will soon be extending to Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 



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