Coconut Collaborative Vegan Frozen Yoghurt

Coconut Collaborative Frozen Yoghurt


The Coconut Collaborative sent me over these frozen coconut milk desserts, which is great timing as I'm trying to be healthier right now. My neighbour actually took them in for me whilst I was out, and was asking lots of questions about why a courier would deliver just three pots of frozen dessert – blogger problemz, LOL! But he kindly kept them icy cold for me, and now they live in my freezer and are mine all mine! I'm so into coconut everything at the moment, so I couldn't wait to try these. Made from the milk of coconuts, and completely free of dairy and refined sugar (they're sweetened with grape juice), these are a healthy vegan treat, and in my humble opinion, their creamy taste and texture is far closer to ice-cream than frozen yoghurt. The mango and raspberry flavours are deliciously sweet and fresh, they go really well with summer berries. The chocolate flavour (below) is rich and satisfies any cocoa craving. You really don't need to eat a lot to get a sweet-fix, and you can rest assured that they're all-natural and free from dairy, soya and gluten. The vegan frozen dessert that anyone can enjoy, is it just me or is healthy-eating getting easier? 

The Coconut Collaborative Frozen desserts are available from supermarkets and health food shops. 


Chocolate Coconut Vegan Frozen Dessert




  1. Sarah
    July 14, 2015 / 1:01 pm

    I’ve definitely seen them in Waitrose and in Whole Foods, but not sure about others. If you ask @coconutcollab on Twitter they’ll tell you! x

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