Blogger Party At Fifty9 Bar, Mayfair

Blogger Party Fifty9 Bar


Fifty9 Bar has moved in to the spot where Babble used to accommodate after-work and weekend revellers in Berkeley Square, and invited a group of food and lifestyle bloggers to come and have a butchers at the new decor, menu, and general vibe. 


Fifty 9 Bar Mayfair


We got to work straight away, and by work I mean cracking open the prosecco, having some shots, and taking copious amounts of photos. I love my job! 


Fifty9 Bar Berkeley Square

Porn Star Martini

Neon Sign Neon Art


Katy demonstrates that the quest for taking decent blog photos is real, whilst Lauren and Mya made fun of me always taking candid shots by doing some not very natural posing.


Taking blog food photos

Fifty9 Bar Club


We were served some items from the bar menu, including a bloody amazing cheese board that comes with toast and chutney. There was also a meat board which, as a vegetarian, I was less enthused about, but some of the bloggers in attendance made me laugh by standing by it and calling it the 'ham station'. We were also served some pretty amazing pizzas, or 'pizzettas', which are incredibly thin, but not short on taste or toppings. The two veggie options were cheese with fresh basil, and a mushroom and chutney pizza. Genius idea! I failed to get a good picture of those, so sadly I'm having to insert this bacon and olive one instead. Booo!


Fifty9 Bar Cheese Board

Bar Fifty9 Pizza


There was a lovely bunch of bloggers to mingle with, including some I hadn't met before but knew from Twitter, including Emma and Mehreen (below). I also met the lovely Lauren for the first time, and got to catch up with Sophie, Alexandra, Katy and Felicia. I love the girls from PR and Everything Inbetween (who organised this soiree) as they are always top company and give the quotes of the night. Last time the best one was immortalised in this illustration by Che Dyer, and this time Mya told me in a semi-earnest way that she felt I was her spirit sister (kind of like a spirit animal) because of our mutual love of prosecco. 


Mehreen Wrap Your Lips Around This

Fifty9 Bar Mayfair Club


Fifty9 Bar is open from 12pm-1am Monday-Wednesday, and 12pm-3am Thursday-Saturday. As well as serving amazing cocktails, bubbles and food in their upstairs bar, they have a club downstairs with private booths available for reservation. Check out their website for guest list enquiries and upcoming events. 




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