Post-Pandemic Laser Hair Removal


Maybe post-pandemic as I’ve put in the title is a bit too optimistic. We seem to be over the worst in May 2021, but covid-19 is definitely not under control. Salons and clinics are opening up again, and it was time to resume my laser hair removal at Pulse Light Clinic. I’d managed to get a few appointments in a row in between lockdowns two and three in 2020, but going five months without treatment during lockdown three seemed to have undone some of the good results I’d had. My lovely clinician, Gemma, explains this is all normal, that laser treatments need to be consistent to get lasting results, which is why they offer their block-booking system to save you money and make sure you’re going to get results.

At the Bank branch of Pulse Light they still have strong safety measures in operation – your temperature is measured on arrival, you sit in little partitioned sections in the waiting room, and everyone has a mask on. In the treatment room Gemma has a look at my face and we talk about regrowth patterns and getting back in to regular, monthly sessions. She suggests having the laser slightly higher to kick start things, and gives me a patch test. It’s odd to think this all started in late 2019 and I would have been finished by now if the pandemic hadn’t happened (most people have eight treatments depending on the area of their body and their personal rates of hair growth). But, here we are in mid-2021 resuming it again and I have everything crossed that beauty clinics will not be closed again this year. I’ll update you again in a few months, but from what I can remember last year I was so impressed with the speed at which it was working. I highly recommend Bank Pulse Light, and ask for Gemma.

This is a collaboration series with Pulse Light Clinic, kindly gifted. 



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