Babington Soap Hand Sanitiser


Never in my life did I think I’d be purchasing so much hand sanitiser, but that’s pandemics for you – we’ve all suddenly focused on hand cleanliness like never before. If, like me, you’ve come to hate the sight of clinical looking bottles of hand sanitiser in your home or place of work, Babington Soap Company might be the solution you’re looking for. Their plant-based moisturising sanitiser comes in elegant packaging and has a pump included. A hefty 60% alcohol gets rid of covid germs before you have time to rub them all over your face, and all the ingredients are natural. Uplifting lemongrass oil makes this smell delightful, and provides a barrier to help the anti-bacterial properties last longer. The perfect choice to have out for family and visitors, at a time when you want yourself and everyone around you to stop spreading a potentially fatal virus.

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