COSRX Good Morning Cleanser


I need more Korean beauty in my life, especially as everyone bangs on about how effective it is. COSRX is K-beauty that’s also vegan and cruelty-free, and I’m living for the simple packaging with bright pops of colour; I tend to shy away from K-beauty that can be a bit… er, childish looking for want of a better word. I’m a cleanser addict, I will double and triple cleanse – I live in London, it’s a necessity. Sometimes I do wonder if some of my makeup/grime dissolving and exfoliating cleansers are a bit harsh first thing in the morning, so I try to select gentler ones. Seeing an actual morning cleanser is brilliant – it’s designed to wake up skin and prep it for your daily skincare and makeup without disrupting your skin’s delicate PH balance that can cause tightness and irritation. This not only purifies your skin with gentle botanicals, but protects your skin all day long from external aggressors. It’s so refreshing, it’s the gap in my skincare routine that needed filling. Good morning, indeed.

Gifted from COSRX – available in the UK from FeelUnique, Look Fantastic, and Beauty Bay. 


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