Interrupting A Laser Hair Removal Programme


The 2020 pandemic meant those of us doing ongoing treatments like laser hair removal had to put them hold, and it’s a worry to think a lengthy gap between treatments can result in undoing all the progress you’d made and having to start from square one again. Before lockdown started I’d visited the Pulse Light Clinic three times, once for my initial consultation and compulsory patch test, and then I’d had two sessions of hair removal on my face. Feeling the hair coming back throughout lockdown was troubling, not only because I felt I’d have to start again, but because it reminded me why I was having the treatment in the first place – I hate having to jump through all the threading/plucking/cream-removal some of us ladies have to. I want an end to all that boring maintenance.

The lovely clinician, Michelle, set my mind at ease, saying hair growth is hormonal, which is why so many sessions are needed to permanently remove it, and any laser sessions you have will permanently change the way it grows. In just two sessions I’d made it lighter and softer, and that’s not going to go away even if the hair hasn’t yet. Huge relief! We got on with my third session and booked me in for a fourth, I’m having eight in total, which should be enough to banish my ‘tache forever, though Michelle warned me sporadic maintenance (once a year or less) is needed as our hormones continue to fluctuate.

The Covid measures in all of Pulse Light’s clinics are strict, but you feel like everyone is being kept safe. I had to have my temperature taken on arrival and sit in a plastic booth until it was my turn. You’re not allowed to show up until it’s your appointment time to reduce the number of people in the waiting room, and they are quick to get you out the door (in a polite way). They are honouring all laser hair removal packages if you bought one before lockdown started, and there are also some deals across their various treatments. I went to the Fenchurch Street branch and the city was absolutely dead for a weekday lunchtime, I’ve only ever seen it like this very early on weekend mornings – another reason to help you feel safer if you’re worried about venturing out. And wearing a mask gave me a legitimate reason to hide my slightly red moustache on my way home heh heh.


This is a collaborative series with Pulse Light who kindly offered me this programme of treatments in return for my reviews. 


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