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I’m so excited to be working with Pulse Light Clinic again after they expertly removed my hideous teenage-regret tattoo. This time I’m teaming up with them to have some facial hair removed, and to let you know more about this treatment if it’s something you’re considering. Pulse Light have several clinics in London, and can remove hair from pretty much anywhere on the body. The amount of sessions you’ll need depend upon the area of the body, your skin tone and the type of hair you have. I’ve only got a small area on the upper lip to work on, but I’m told I will need 6-8 sessions to ban random hairs for good. A consultation is compulsory, and I feel right at home with the lovely clinic space and staff, having had two years of tattoo sessions with them. My technician tells me that my fair skin and dark hair makes me the ideal candidate, though they have a special laser for darker skin tones. Above is the laser that’s used, I wear special glasses to protect my eyes from the flash as the technician uses the yellow section to focus the laser. She does a patch test and then books me in my first session, and I’ll need to have one a month to work with the growth cycle of the hair. One thing I learnt from my tattoo removal sessions is that it hurts, but it’s quick. It’s like being flicked repeatedly with a rubber band, but no sooner have you thought ouch, it’s over – well, on a small surface area it is. I’m in and out the door within ten minutes.

The skin is sore and red for a short time, and you have to avoid retinols, acid-based beauty products, saunas and sunbeds (do people even use those these days?), the real sun, and sweaty exercise for a day. The pay off is immense, and makes walking down the street with a red moustache as I left the clinic totally worth it. You leave the area and the hairs fall out naturally, and then if you need to, shave between appointments – if you pluck or wax it will disrupt the hair follicle and impede results. I had to wait over a week for hair to fall out, but then it was completely gone until a day or two before my next appointment. Not having to worry about threading or waxing felt so liberating, I cannot wait to have more treatments and get my skin hair-free for good. Obviously, the Coronavirus lockdown has interrupted my treatment, and it will mean a longer time before I can complete it, but even after just two sessions I find I’m not having to worry too much about hair removal maintenance. I cannot recommend Pulse Light Clinic enough, and will keep you updated once we’re all free from government-enforced lock-in and I’m back into my treatment routine.

Collaboration with Pulse Light Clinic


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