I have my niece and nephew staying with me this week for the Easter holidays and even though it’s only day two, I feel as though this week has been going on for ten years. How do parents do this twenty-four seven? I thanked the blogging stars that I was invited to review Monstersaurus! at the Underbelly Festival at Southbank, a fun hour of songs, puppetry, and belching noises in which young Monty sets about inventing his own monsters, and then a bigger monster to help him get rid of the smaller ones. It’s aimed at 2-8 year olds, and my pair (age 2 and 5) are proof that it really works for different age groups. The silly songs, the audience participation in the making of the monsters, and the way the creatures introduce themselves was a hit; my niece was singing the catchy tunes all the way home, and doing impressions of Dusty, a hillbilly American-accented dust monster. A fast paced, colourful and energetic show that’s on until the 22nd of April, and is just the thing for Easter holidaying kids to let off some steam. Seriously, I’m so knackered…



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