Sparkling Direct Valentines Gifts


Now that the endless wintery wilderness of January is finally over, it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day and what you will buy for your friends and lovers (and also yourself) for this special day. Sparkling Direct very kindly sent me one of their prosecco gift sets, a range of premium white and rose proseccos beautifully packaged with a choice of extras including flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and even pate. I love this wooden crate, it gives the set an little bit of extra something, though you can also select a card box. Sparkling Direct has to be the most ideal delivery service I can think of, ┬ábeing prosecco’s biggest fan of all time (probably), but it’s not just sparkles you can gift, they have every wine and spirit known to man, check out their huge A-Z brand list. This is the perfect service for when you need to send any kind of quick but well presented thank you or special occasion gift.



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