Huda Beauty New Nude Palette


At the risk of being cast aside as a beauty blogger who deserves to get in to the sea, I will confess that I have not tried any of the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes, or anything from her brand at all. I know, I know, they are supposed to be some of the best palettes of the past few years, but I’ve been stuck in a very happy ABH phase lately. The New Nude palette caught my eye for those bizarre little marbled pans – predictable little magpie that I am I was all over those enticing sparkles. I will probably have to try the other palettes if they’re as good as this one, and by good I mean insanely creamy and incredibly soft to work with. Let’s take a closer look – Bare didn’t show up on my skin, but will be a useful brow bone shade. Crave is so wet look and intense, the perfect festive party shade.



Daydream is similarly stunning. I’ve been loving wearing that on the lid with Lace in the crease. Excite and Infatuated are strange ones. They were hard to swatch as they need to be delicately pressed on. They have a weird jelly-like texture and remind me of the fiddly-ness of working with gold leaf. I think with some patience and glitter glue they will look incredible.



Who says a cool toned palette can’t have a little warmth? The bottom row (below) starts with a concealer that was also too light for me to swatch. There’s something you don’t often see in an eyeshadow palette – I hope it’s a good one, because I’d kind of prefer another shadow shade tbh. Anyhoo, did I mention how buttery the mattes are? Oh my gosh I’ve been loving all these shades as one and done lid colours for autumn (especially Teddy), just blend one of them on and add some liquid liner and mascara and I’m off. Of course they’re also good shadows for creases and transitions and for creating all kinds of looks. Charmed is an utter beaut, a metallic bronze with pink undertones.



The Huda Beauty New Nude palette is an autumn essential that will take you right in to the Christmas party season. I love how much variety it has, and the fantastic quality of each and every pan, there’s no duffs here. Of course you can compare it to the similar colours in ABH’s Renaissance palette, but they haven’t got any mad marbled next level glitter shades have they? Hmm… glitter….



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