Huge NARS Haul


I’ve been building up a collection of NARS goodies that I’ve been meaning to share here, some items I’ve bought and some I’ve been gifted. So, I thought I might as well do a hefty haul, and show you why NARS continues to be one of my all time fave cosmetic brands. Lets kick off with the Man Ray collection, which I have to say I was a bit weirded out by. I get that artists and fashion/beauty brands go well together and make for interesting collabs, but surrealist Man Ray was also a dirty old man (around very young girls), to put it mildly, and not the kind of person I’d want associated with a brand aimed at women if I owned it. I’m kind of annoyed with myself I didn’t boycott this range, but the Love Game eyeshadow palette (below) had to be mine as soon as I saw it.



I was definitely drawn to the dark green in the palette, though I am bowled over by the mink-silver shade (second picture of swatches) and I have been using it as a semi-swishy day time shade. The green and the purple were a bit dry as I swatched them, but I’m hoping they perform better on the eye. Good navy blues are hard to come by, and this one (below) has a pleasing purple shift. All the other mattes are creamy, the shimmers even creamier. Happy days.



The Isolde eyeshadow duo (below) is a NARS classic, the perfect bronze and copper. I have to say, I’m a little over these two shades now, they’re probably the two most reoccurring in my whole makeup collection, but no wonder they’re often repeated, they’re always a winner on any eye colour. I love NARS cream eyeshadow sticks, they’re some of the best in the biz, they apply really easily and stay put. Oaxaca (below) is a smart greyish-brown that’s ideal for day looks that you don’t want to look too smokey.



The Narsissist Wanted Palette (below) sold out pretty much as soon as it arrived on UK shores, a limited edition Christmas 2017 beauty with a range of mattes and sparkles, perfect for party season. I’m absolutely in love with the bottom two shades (in the swatches below). They haven’t photographed very well, but they’re a champagne glitter with pink tones, and an antiquey-olive glitter that both make for pretty party looks. I also got the Man Ray highlighter (below), knowing full well it’s too gold for my skin tone (swatch below), thinking I would use it as an eyeshadow instead. Okay, I only bought it for the design, sue me.




I also picked up the sheer glow foundation in Siberia, after wearing Mont Blanc for the past few years. Have I become paler with age? Siberia is the lightest shade, almost white, and seems to suit me better than Mont Blanc, the next one up. If NARS could make a shade that’s right in between these two, that could be my ultimate match. I would love that because NARS Sheer Glow is the best foundation of all time. And I’ve tried a lot of foundations. In the top picture you can see a pink blusher, this is Gaiety, and it’s the prettiest thing for fair skin, a subtle blue-toned pink that gives you a ‘healthy flush’, and can be built up for full on dolly cheeks. There’s also another blusher in the picture called Free Soul, from their highlighting blush range. I kept it closed as it’s become a bit ‘untidy’ now, I’ve been wearing it so much. Again, great for fair skin, it’s a glowy light pink that’s a bit full on shimmery to wear just as a blusher, but works SO well as a dreamy highlighter.



The last thing to mention is this little limited edition kit from the Sarah Moon range (above), another artistic collab, this time with French model turned fashion photographer, Sarah Moon. The Shadow Side Kit had three mini-size cream eyeshadow sticks, and I’ve already lost one of them, a champagne nude that I took away for a weekend trip and used once. Dammit, it was good (RIP). The other two in bronze and purple are also winners, and the mini Audacious Mascara, another NARS classic is fantastic. Why can’t I quit you, NARS, the struggle is real.


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