Chocolate Cake At The Polka Theatre


Ever since I saw Chocolate Cake at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon last week, I’ve had the show’s main song in my head. It’s so catchy, and also continually makes me want some cake. Based on Michael Rosen’s poem of the same name (he of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ fame), this play is aimed at ages 4+ and runs for fifty minutes with no interval. It’s the engaging tale of a boy who loves chocolate cake a bit too much, and struggles to keep his mitts off his older brother’s freshly baked birthday cake before the party begins. There’s songs, laughs, and a bit of audience participation to keep the kids focused. I’ve never been to the Polka before, a charming space that just shows children’s theatre, and not only that, has a pretty sweet array of pre and post-show activities for them. I took my niece and nephew who loved the toys, dressing up box, and things to clamber over in the foyer, plus the much bigger things to climb in the outdoor play area. There’s also a cafe, so you can pop in for playtime and coffee mornings without seeing a show if you like, and there’s a good schedule of plays for different age groups. If you’re looking for Easter holiday activities I can’t recommend Chocolate Cake enough, it’s fun, endearing, children will find it relatable, and you’ll probably be humming that cake song for days.



Polka Theatre kindly offered me tickets for this show. Chocolate Cake is on until the 13th of May. 


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