Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


If you Google search ‘Joan Collins in the 80’s’ or ‘Joan Collins Dynasty’ you’ll be given more fierce makeup inspo than you can handle. Collins is an absolute legend, there’s no one who could out-shoulder pad or out-blusher her. No one. I first saw that she’d launched a makeup range when I was in Harrods for another brand’s blogger event, I had to inwardly gasp as someone from the other brand was welcoming us at that exact same moment. Not only was I excited by an actual makeup-wearing queen launching a brand for a change, but the timelessness of the range (in name and nature) is so nostalgic to me. My grandmother had nail polish bottles just like these ones on her dressing table, seeing them took me right back. Charlotte Tilbury also tries to capture 1940’s era glamour in their packaging (and there’s some similarities in style between these two brands), but somehow seeing the name Joan Collins on the lipsticks makes them all the more fabulous.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty very kindly sent me some things from their range to try (sadly not Joan herself, god I hope she does some blogger events one day), I’m loving the retro fabulosity, and giddy about the names of items in the range being taken FROM DYNASTY! I’ve had Katrina nail polish on all week, a beautiful pinky brown that’s so opaque I only needed one coat, and it was five days before it remotely chipped. The Divine lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid to stop them drying your lips, of course theres a classic Joan red (though it’s called Helene) and the matching nail polish is for feeling like the power bitch Joan plays in… The Bitch. Suzy Starr is the perfect coral lipstick, I cannot wait for summer to wear this. I’m also living for the elegance of the blusher compact, I need a sultry cocktail bar to sit in so I can take this out and check my resting Joan Collins face. From what I’ve tried, this is a great range, and very reasonably priced too (available online and at Harrods and M&S). Makeup from a true icon, all the nostalgia feels.



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