Reading Tarot Cards For Bloggers – Part Two


Last week I posted part one of my tarot card readings for bloggers, and had some great feedback from the ladies who had their 2018 fortunes told. Today’s bloggers all have career goals on their minds… Just to re-cap, bloggers were asked to send me a question that’s on their mind right now, and to pick three numbers that I used to draw their three cards, shuffling the deck between each reading. Some other bloggers said they’d be interested in a reading too, so I will give making this a monthly series a go. Let me know if you’d like a reading in February.


Laura from Laurzrah 

“Am I on the right path with my new career plans for 2018?”

Laura’s cards (top photo) are The World, The Magician, and Temperance. Both The World and the Magician are incredibly powerful and positive cards, figures in both cards holds staffs from which they draw power from the universe and conduct this into what they choose to. The World is dancing and celebrating, she indicates the end of a journey and revels in her victory and success. This may indicate that Laura was successful in her previous career, perhaps in ways she has not yet considered, or ones that she is fully aware and proud of. This is a strong way to be starting a new career path, having felt you’ve made the most of a previous career, and you will use those strengths to repeat success and fulfilment. The World card can also indicate that a person sees a journey they’ve just been on for what it is, they understand the whole picture. This can be a negative feeling (someone might be left with cynicism or self-doubt), but The World’s dancing reminds us to see the positives in our experiences and world view, and to use them as we journey onwards. Just as The World features the four fixed signs of the zodiac, The Magician has all four Tarot suits on his table. This is a powerful message to Laura to show her the world is really hers for the taking, everything is literally on the table and hers to reach for. The Magician tells us our opportunities are endless, and reminds Laura to trust in her innate creativity to make the most of what comes her way. Whilst the first two cards are fiery and passionate, Temperance is a word of caution for Laura to be sensible with her new career plans. The angel on the card is literally dipping one foot in the water, testing it before she jumps straight in. She reminds Laura that whilst she needs passion and creativity to make her new career work, she also needs to make sure there is balance and patience in order for her to feel she’s made the right career decision.

Summary – If at any time Laura feels she has not chosen the right path, thinking of The World card will help her remember that she has useful skills and lessons she can use in her new role. We often feel like we’re not on ‘the right path’ when things aren’t going as well as we’d like, and these cards have sent a message to Laura that the universe has everything she needs to make a success of her new role, she just needs to put in the work and take opportunities as they appear, but also seek opportunities that she makes for herself. Laura is reminded to have good work/life balance, and to be patient about her new role taking off; sometimes we need to dip our toe in the water rather than wade straight in – though eventually we will come full circle to having victory and success at the end of a journey, as The World depicts.


Kara from Spread the Sparkle

“What will happen to my blog if I focus more on college and work this year?”

Kara’s cards are The Hanged Man, The Moon, and the Five of Rods. The Hanged Man is almost the opposite of The World card (above, in Laura’s reading), they both fold one leg behind them, but whilst The World is very outwards looking, The Hanged Man is reflecting inwardly, knowing he has a lot of soul searching to do. He doesn’t feel rushed into making any big decisions, and feels that being in this position allows him to look at things from a different perspective, suggesting Kara may need to do the same thing. Perhaps Kara feels anxious her blog will suffer if she doesn’t add to it much or at all this year, but seeing things from a different perspective could perhaps mean thinking about all the rich blog content she will have once she has put her all into college and feels fulfilled and challenged in a job she loves. The Moon is an interesting card about our subconscious and conscious mind – the lobster (or crayfish in some decks) represents our subconscious and the way it can ‘wade out of the water’ into our dreams as we sleep, sometimes with disturbing images. The dog and the wolf represent our wild and tame (or civilised) sides that are sometimes in opposition with one another, and the moon beaming down onto a path shows that some of the way is lit, the rest is in darkness. This card is asking Kara to think about any anxieties or fears she is projecting on to her external surroundings, either consciously or subconsciously, and turn this into more positive and constructive energy. For example, if Kara’s real worry about putting her blog to one side for a while is a deeper worry about being seen as incompetent in some way, or that she will lose opportunities or friends, then this needs to be looked in to, or she will worry about her blog when she could be focusing energy on her current priorities. The Five of Wands looks at first to be about conflict, people are grabbing branches from one another, perhaps in anger. This card teaches us not to read too quickly into situations, these people could be helping one another lift their branches, and they may be doing so to symbolise mutual triumph. This card indicates that Kara needs to embrace change with enthusiasm rather than dread or worry, and to perhaps reach out to others for assistance – maybe having some guest posts on her blog will be useful, or going to blogger meetups and social events will mean Kara can keep a hand in the blogging world without having to post on her blog.

Summary – The Hanged Man reminds Kara that she doesn’t have to rush into a decision, and can enjoy some contemplation time to look at her achievements, successes and goals in a new perspective. There are always different ways to frame our problems, we might need to make sacrifices so we can put more energy into other areas of our lives, but we don’t have to frame those sacrifices as failures or be anxious about them, they are just compromises for the time being. The Moon indicates that Kara is going on a metaphorical journey, and has concerns that she should address in order to light her path a little better. This sequence of cards show Kara has an exciting journey ahead this year, and trusting her intuition and reversing negative self-talk will help her worry less about what happens to her blog in the shorterm, and focus more on the things in her life now that need more attention.


Kirsty from Kirsty Leanne 

“How can I develop my freelance work and professional life in 2018?”

Kirsty’s cards are the Two of Cups, the Three of Pentacles, and Justice. The Two of Cups is more traditionally to do with romance (maybe a marriage proposal is on the cards for Leanne?…), but it can also indicate a new union with a business partner, or someone that Leanne might collaborate with in 2018 to help develop her freelance work. Leanne’s question suggests she needs some advice about shaping her professional life, so perhaps if she seeks out a mentor for herself this could be the union. The Tarot is telling Leanne to trust in this relationship, whatever it may be, and use it to help guide her professional life. The Three of Pentacles depicts a stone mason working in a cathedral, he takes satisfaction in his work, knowing that continually developing his skills and working hard is the path to success. In some decks of tarot cards, the stone mason is working with architects, and this can symbolise careful planning and collaboration are key for doing well. However, in this deck he works alone, indicating that as a freelancer Kirsty must take responsibility for all her own planning and organising, though as the Two of Cups suggested, she need not be entirely alone in all aspects of organising her business. Justice is a very karmic card, reminding Kirsty that all our actions have consequences and come back on us. In sequence with the other two cards, it could be reminding her to that she will reap what she sows in terms of hard work, and she should seek help sooner rather than later if she needs it.

Summary – Although there’s a slight note of caution in these cards, they are also extremely positive. The Three of Pentacles shows we can achieve our dreams with persistence, determination and effort, something that as an entrepreneur Kirsty is probably well aware of. Justice reminds her that both her longterm decisions and short term actions have consequences, and she needs to plan carefully and forever be wearing a ‘professional hat’ in what she says and does to be judged by others as a professional. The Two of Cups could suggest an exciting collaboration with a business Kirsty will work with, or perhaps she may have an assistant or partner help her achieve her goals. Thinking about this could be the first step in deciding what she needs in order to develop her freelance work.


Vix from Vix Meldrew

“What will happen with my blog in 2018?”

Vix’ cards are the Nine of Pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune, and The World. The Nine of Pentacles shows a wealthy woman in the finest robes, wearing jewels and enjoying the fruits of her labour. Being the first in this sequence of cards indicates that Vix has already achieved a level of success that has made her wealthy, perhaps not literally – but in a way that puts her in a powerful position to move forward with her blog in 2018. The Nine of Pentacles knows how to treat herself, and the Tarot could be suggesting that Vix does the same if she’s worked hard to get where she is. This could be the time to either reward herself with something significant – a trip or a piece of jewellery, for example – to remind her of how far she’s come, or failing that – to reward herself with kind words and a feeling of having triumphed. The Wheel of Fortune shows the universe spinning a literal wheel, with a king and queen enjoying success at the top, an unfortunate soul having a less fun time at the bottom. No one escapes the cyclical nature of success, we can be riding high one day, having to start from the bottom the next. Whilst the king is fully embracing being at the top, the queen is more cautious, realising where she is and remembering it could change. Put succinctly, it’s a suggestion for Vix to not be too cocky with what happens to her blog in 2018, and to roll with life’s ups and downs. Interestingly, The World also indicates the end of a personal journey, and the card shows someone rejoicing at their success. The sequence of this card indicates victory and celebration will come later, so Vix could have a really successful year with her blog. The World reminds us we can spread as widely as we choose to, perhaps indicating Vix’ blog will lead her to success in another field. Incidentally, The World is not all about finding power and wealth from success – it indicates the end of a cycle, where more knowledge and wisdom have been gained, and The World knows some might want to use this to help people and ‘give back’. Perhaps Vix’ blog will feature more advice, or some kind of community building element.

Summary – The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that opportunities rarely land out of nowhere, we have to work hard to make them happen, and this could be a timely reminder to Vix to keep working at a pace as the year starts. That being said, the Pentacles want her to be proud of herself and mark her success to date with a treat, and The World shows her that further success is on the cards, as well as a new level of wisdom and understanding about the power of her blog in helping her be where she wants to be.


Jenny from Jenny in Neverland 

“How do I progress with my blog and business?”

Jenny’s cards are The Four of Swords, The Six of Rods, and the Six of Pentacles. The Four of Swords shows an effigy of a Knight within a church. Four swords are above him, representing four issues currently weighing down on his mind. One is in the foreground, showing that no matter what we have on our plates we always have one issue more pressing than others, and it signifies a need to prioritise. The knight lying down, indicates that this is a time for Jenny to rest and build up her mental strength – a challenge for the Knight who is always on a quest – but necessary for everyone to heal the body and the mind, and give us renewed energy and confidence. The Six of Rods shows a soldier riding through a victory march in his honour. People are raising their rods to him to recognise his efforts, and he carries his own rod to signal he takes pride in his victory. This could indicate that after a battle (not necessarily a negative one, it could mean hard work) Jenny might get more public recognition for her work, and this will in turn help her grow. This isn’t a showing-off card, it might suggest that one way for Jenny to progress her business is to blow her own trumpet a bit more – maybe send out some press releases or media packs, and be ‘seen’ a bit more by talking on panels or radio shows about her work. Self promotion can be cringeworthy, but the appearance of the Six of Pentacles in this sequence show that it might be worth it, the pentacles are all about reaping rewards from work. The man in this card is wealthy, but him holding the scales shows he is just and fair. He is financially secure enough to give money to beggars, and takes pride in knowing he can spread his wealth to help others. This card is about being in harmony with our finances, and it’s presence in this sequence may be telling Jenny to be mindful of money as she develops her business, and work towards being fully self-sufficient. It could also be a message to Jenny to help others stand on their own two feet by not continually giving them handouts – perhaps monetary ones, or the kind of handouts where she gives too much of her time and expertise and doesn’t find this spiritually rewarding.

Summary – The Four Of Swords is a gentle reminder to Jenny from the Tarot that she needs a period of rest and contemplation. This is useful for anyone running a business as it can help you work out your priorities and make a strategy for going forward. Jenny is having a nudge from the Tarot to get more public recognition for her hard work, not a bad tip for any business person – PR is worth its weight in gold. There’s also guidance from the Tarot about money, or the giving of something valuable to us other than money, such as our time or energy. Sometimes we ask for handouts in various forms, and sometimes we give them – but if it ends up being a drain on Jenny, or she is draining someone else, it means she is not being self-sufficient, or helping others to be.


Leah from Devoted to Pink

“How will my business progress in 2018?”

Leah’s cards are the Five of Rods, The Fool, and the Ace of Pentacles. The Five of Wands indicates that change is about to happen, whether we like it or not. This card can appear to be a conflict, and may represent some kind of struggle – perhaps connected to Leah’s business. But it can also be about collaboration and holding one another up, suggesting that either competition with others has been Leah’s struggle, or collaboration will help her overcome this. Good things are on the way as a result of this change, The Fool represents starting a new journey with a pure heart and optimism. It isn’t the same old journey we’ve tried again and again, it’s either a new path altogether, or a new strategy for getting down the same path. The Fool embraces this challenge with happiness, reminding Leah to not see fresh challenges as struggles, but exciting new paths as her business develops. The Ace of Pentacles is a gift from the universe literally being handed to Leah, something she really wants and can be hers is she works hard. The garden is lush and flowering, signifying that hard work is being rewarded, and a gateway has opened up to reveal a path. The mountain in the background could signify that Leah’s success will place her ‘higher’, or it could mean that there’s a difficult  journey beyond the initial success.

Summary -Life is full of ups and downs, and the cards have told Leah to embrace challenges with strength and optimism. This could be a year of big changes – Leah is reminded how to tackle them, and also to remember that the universe is unlikely to just hand random rewards to people (except lottery winners), most of us work damn hard for the good things that come our way.




  1. Laura Hollier
    January 23, 2018 / 3:21 pm

    OOOOOH. This was so interesting, thanks so much for doing my reading! Really interesting reading everyone elses xx

  2. January 24, 2018 / 12:09 pm

    I love reading stuff like this!!! So interesting to see everyone’s cards and questions!
    I would definitely be interested in having a reading done.
    Laurel x

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