Dior Spring 2018 Thrill Palette


Me: “I’m not going to buy ANY makeup in 2018”

Also me: “Ooh, the spring makeup collections are on sale…”

I hate myself. But not as much as I love Dior’s Thrill palette, part of their spring 2018 range which includes lip glosses, nail polishes, another highlighter of dreams, and two of these 5-colour (not doing the French spelling) wee palettes. Thrill looks like it would also work as an autumnal palette, apart from the neon pink (more on that in a minute), and has one of the most intricate ‘textile’ imprints I’ve ever seen on makeup. It’s truly stunning.



So, I’m not loving the middle shade, being someone with not much use for a luminous metallic pink. It’s also the DEVIL’S shade, it gets everywhere as soon as you open the palette, and it’s so highly pigmented that it won’t come out of carpets or clothes. I’ve never hated an eyeshadow so much. The top colour is a frosty pink that I’d probably use as a blush topper rather than an eyeshadow, but the other three I love for eyes, especially the rich shiny beige (second from bottom), which is pure silk and gives a pretty wet look on lids. The silver (second from top) is heavenly for inner corners, and the burgundy is a surprise shade for spring, but looks great, especially as an eyeliner. Out of all the new spring releases, this one appealed to me the most, and it’s well worth £43, just make sure you use the palette over a sink, or be forever stained by the evil pink.



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