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When I helped to organise this Russell Brand event my only role was putting together the goody bags, others did the hard work of sorting the venue and guest list. Everything was going swimmingly well until disaster struck at the last minute, well – about five days before the event. The company that were going to provide the printed tote bags emailed to cancel. If you’ve organised events before, you’ll know how maddening it can be to have sponsors and suppliers pull out, especially so close to the event, and especially when it’s an item you absolutely need. I couldn’t hand over goody bags to Russell Brand and other VIPs in ocado carrier bags, that was all I had. I wailed on Twitter for a knight in shining armour to help out, and rushing in on her trusty steed (replying to me, I mean) was Kayleigh Jane & Co, the absolute legend who saved the day. Kayleigh not only provided these excellent quality cotton tote bags (below), she printed them with the catchphrase we needed, gave me a choice of fonts, and they looked absolutely boss. Several people who attended the event as guests have gone on to buy more Pin Pin totes from Kayleigh.

It’s not just bags Kayleigh will print for you with your choice of name, message or slogan, there’s clothing, homeware, jewellery and more. You can get your wedding gifts and favours, Christmas stocking stuffers, and beautiful anniversary or birthday treats – all lovely items that make a touching personalised present. Hooray for people like Kayleigh who step in to save the day, and double hooray for an online store like Kayleigh Jane & Co that’s quick (next day delivery available), affordable, and offers fantastic customer service.



Top image owned by Kayleigh Jayne & Co


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