Molmenti And Celot Glow In The Dark Prosecco!

Molmenti Celot Prosecco


Yep, you read that title right. Just when you think prosecco couldn't be made any better, one arrives on the market in a GLOW IN THE DARK bottle! If you ever fancy buying someone the gift of delicious Italian sparkling wine, you'll make their day with not only the best prosecco logo design I've ever seen, but one that will shine like a star. Molmenti & Celot is super dry with notes of pear, apple and white flowers. It's SO good, really light and fizzy, with a beautiful aftertaste. Made by Italian gold medal Olympian Daniele Molmenti and his cousin, their aim was to produce traditional prosecco that's great value for money but nothing like cheap, sweet, mass-produced proseccos flooding the market. I've tasted proseccos far more expensive than this one that were sickly-sweet with little fizz – this is a dry wonder, and incredibly reasonably priced. Plus, don't forget that immense glow in the dark logo. I'm still very easily pleased with that. 


Glow in the dark prosecco


Check out the bargains at Wanderlust Wine, they handpick exciting wines from lesser known producers, and they kindly sent me this Molmenti & Celot to try.