Why Your Blog Posts Aren’t Getting Re-Tweeted



This is mostly advice for people using blog-retweet accounts, but there's also a few pointers for people who just want their own followers to re-tweet and share their blog posts. I wrote this article about who's behind the biggest blog-retweet accounts, and one of my questions to them was – how can a blogger make sure they get re-tweeted? I also run a blog-retweet account, and can concur with their points. Here's some further tips: 


1.) Don't put too many accounts in one tweet

You can send the tweet with your blog post in as many times as you like (though spread them out so you're not spamming your followers), so why do you need to put every blinking re-tweet account in one tweet? If you're not getting any or many re-tweets and this is something you always do, try and put one account in a tweet, and then maybe a few hashtags (#lbloggers, #fbloggers etc). The simple reason is that the re-tweet account wants publicity in return for promoting your blog post, they want people to see the mention and go and look at their account. This is unlikely to happen when they're one of several accounts listed. 


2.) Mention the account

A lot of people tag me instead of mentioning @Bloggeration_ in the tweet, and for the same reason as above, this is no good to me. 


3.) Include an image. A good one. 

Having an image attached to your tweet makes people five times more likely to click on it. I think. I can't remember the actual figure, but it's something Twitter has published research on. It needs to be a good photo though, some people tweet me bloody weird or awful ones that I think won't do them any favours. Use free sites like PicMonkey to add light to your images, or play with the warmth and saturation levels. If you don't have a good photo use a GIF, show your sense of humour, or if it's a serious post, use an appropriate GIF – they're not all silly. 


4.) Keep the tweet simple and engaging

This goes for whether you're including a re-tweet account or not. You need an enticing tweet, maybe the title of the post, or a punchy way of making people click on it. A lot of people tweet a link with no text, or write something odd and not connected to the post. Try to think of sharing the post as a little advert. It sounds cynical, but you do want people to read the post. 


5.) It's not your turn

I get a heck of a lot of the same bloggers tweeting each day, often the same post they've just put up. I've had people DM me to ask why I haven't re-tweeted them in a day or two, and I politely explain that I need to mix up my feed. If followers just end up muting Bloggeration because the re-tweets are too samey, it's a loss for everyone. Just know that I try to be fair, as do other people who run accounts, and I've got my editor's hat on, thinking about what visually looks good, what mix of content will interest people, and how can I make this the most interesting read for people scrolling. 


6.) You don't vary your content enough

I have some bloggers who are still tweeting me posts they wrote in the summer, or even earlier. There's only so many times I can re-tweet the same post, and although I get it – you're proud of that post and you're hoping it will bring in new readers as my blogger-followers grow, but it's like being in Groundhog Day for me. Mix it up, I like having 'regulars' who include Bloggeration often, but I want to promote you as your blog grows and your content evolves. I don't want to be in a loop of hitting re-tweet on the same post all day, err day forever. 


I hope this helps! Twitter is an immensely useful tool for sharing blog posts and networking, as well as all the good stuff like making blogger friends. However, being calm, and dare I say – professional – when it comes to using re-tweet accounts will do you all the favours and help you get noticed more in the long game. Good luck.