Magazine Subscriptions – The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

Christmas Magazine Subscription


Dude, there's only five days until Christmas if you weren't aware, and only four of those are shopping days. If you're wringing your hands in despair and wandering the streets wailing at shop window displays whilst shrieking "I just DON'T know what to get!", then you, my friend, are in a dark place that I can save you from. Magazine subscriptions make the perfect Christmas gift because the receiver gets a little something from you every single month for a year (or more). You're giving them the gift of a nice sit down with a cuppa and some insight into their favourite pastime or hobby, be that baking cakes, keeping up to date with sport or motoring news, or being in the know of what's in fashion.  

Avoid panic-buying something they'll pretend to like and put on eBay a week later, head over to and select the title you want to gift, then add the recipient's email address and the date you'd like them to receive it in their inbox. All they have to do is head to the site and in a few easy steps redeem their voucher and start getting their mags. At the moment there's also £5 off all magazine vouchers, and seeing as subscriptions allow you to save up to half price on each title anyway, you could even treat yourself while you're at it. I always think that if you regularly read a particular title, it makes good sense to get some money off each month. If you're going down the voucher route, this is the most personal one you could choose – it shows you're thinking of what title would mean more to the recipient, and they'll think of you each month when it arrives at their door. Easy peesy Christmas shopping, and… relax.