Luke Jacob – Your New Favourite Hair Salon

Luke Jacob Salon Spitalfields


Living in London, the struggle to find a good hair salon is real. They're either ridiculously expensive, or terribly unfriendly, and if you do get a word of mouth recommendation it turns out to be to way at the end of a tube line and out in the sticks. There have been times as a London resident where I've considered just wearing hats for the rest of my life, or having a go at cutting my own hair with my Paperchase scissors. Luckily for me, and at the hat industry's loss, I was invited to try Luke Jacob's salon in Spitalfields, which has ticked all the boxes. This small unisex salon looks like it might be hipstery, but the staff are so friendly and welcoming. I had to cancel my appointment twice because of illness and a family emergency, and anyone else might be like – that's enough from you, annoying blogger, but Luke was an absolute gent and told me to get down there whenever I wanted.  


Shoreditch Hair Salon


Another great thing is how central it is. Spitalfields is perfect if you live east, but also really easy to get to from the city or from anywhere really, I live north and was there in half an hour door to door. Don't be fooled by the flowery wallpaper, this is truly a unisex salon. It was kind of weird being next to a man having his hair done, but I'm thinking unisex is the way to go for a much better price point. It's really relaxed, they're happy to chat if you want to, or you can read or phone-scroll in peace. Aside from being the nicest hair stylist in London™, Luke also has over fifteen years of experience from several London salons – I'd definitely recommend getting an appointment with him. 


Luke Jacob Hair London

East London Hair Salon


I was really happy with my cut, it's back to the bob length in my profile picture. I loved how close to Spitalfields Market the salon is, perfect for a quick after-appointment browse, and for meeting people for food or drinks in one of the many nearby places. It's also a fairly quick stroll to Shoreditch, so if you're heading out that way for a night out, Luke Jacob's is the perfect place to come and get a blow-dry. They're also open on both Saturday and Sunday, which is another box ticked – pretty much Luke Jacob's is like, tick, tick, tick on my list of what makes a salon ideal. I really recommend this one if you're sick of overpriced cuts, snooty stylists, and hard to get to places. This could well be your new favourite salon. 

Call 020 7247 0078 to make an appointment, or book online. See website for prices and deals.