Bloom And Wild’s Christmas tree

Bloom and Wild Christmas Tree


Meet Gabriel, he's a real life Christmas tree from Bloom and Wild, and is hands down one of the best things I've been asked to review this year. Bloom and Wild, if you didn't know, do flower deliveries, but for way better value because they cut out the delivery middle man. All their beautiful bouquets arrive flat packed and fit through the letter box, so your usual postie can deliver them. They also do extra gifts, and their Christmas trees are fantastic for someone, like myself, with a small living space. Not only does the Gabriel arrive with a birch pot, fresh moss to keep him upright, and the beautiful smell of pine tree, he has numerous shiny baubles, a silk bow, and twinkling fairy lights to decorate him with. Isn't that adorable! I'm not the best at trimming the tree, I just tend to throw it all on and hope for the best, but I had a lot of fun, and I'm loving having a tiny tree to make me feel all festive. How nice is it to watch a Christmas movie with hot-chocolate and only the tree lights on? If you live in a city flat the size of shoe-box, now you too can enjoy that cosy tree-light vibe. Check out their other tree options, there's even one that comes with real beauty products hanging on it, perfect for the makeup fan in your life. 


Tiny Christmas Tree


The Bloom and Wild Gabriel costs £33 inc delivery, lights and decorations 




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