1980’s Stationery From YooHoo Mail

Yoohoo Mail 80s Stationery


I've had this subscription box from YooHoo Mail since April and keep meaning to show it to you. It's such a beaut! If, like me, you love all things 80's-kitsch, I'm sure you'll appreciate a look at this retro-tastic selection of cassette-tape postcards, Pac-Man and roller-skate greetings cards, and even a fortune teller fish (remember those?). My favourite item is the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go A4 card print, I genuinely want to put this in a snazzy yellow frame and be cheered up by it every morning.

This colourful collection is now sadly sold out over at YooHoo HQ, but each month they have a new theme, and I'm loving October's Scandi box (still in stock), and the newly released Christmas Edit for this month. If you haven't tried YooHoo Mail before, you pay a mere £10 for a box of stationery, knowing only its theme – the contents are a surprise. You can get a one-off box as a gift for a friend (and you know by that I mean yourself), or a three month or year-long subscription for a friend (wink!). This is the second box I've got, and I can vouch for their good value. You get several greetings cards, which is a bonus, you'd probably pay about £10 alone for those in a shop, and there's always at least one decorative print, and some fun bits like food planners or daily organisers. They also make good Instagram or blog props (that Wham print did well for me on Insta), or just nice bits to pretty your desk up with. Just thought you might like to know about this, I'm off to Club Tropicana where the drinks are free…