Picks For Bloggers At Zazzle

Zazzle Marble Stationery


Bloggers love marble sooo much, I don't know why we don't just MARRY it! Not to mention copper and rose gold, and just stationery in general. Put them all in the mix and what have you got – some exciting picks from stationery legends, Zazzle. They invited me to select some items from their mahoosive online range to brighten up my desk on dark wintery afternoons, let's take a look at what I got. 


Marble Notebook


Aren't these notebooks (above) the best things you've seen all week! Duck-egg blue paired with white marble, and rose gold with a more subtle marble (whatever the name for that is). The best thing is, they are entirely customisable, so you can name your notes whatever you like. Obvs I went for some blogging messages. Inside (below) there's lined paper, and you can easily tear out pages if you so need to. 


Marble rose gold blogging stationery


There's nothing better than a motivational quote mug to add both colour to your desk, and inspiration to your work. I should know, I own about five hundred. At any given moment I'll have green tea in one of them, but I also like to use mugs for pen and pencil pots. Why not, eh! This cute baby pink beauty (below) is a great message to spur me on to work harder, and I love the Spanish quote mug (top picture) – meaning 'today I will have a good day'. 


Motivational Quote Mug


As us bloggers know, the struggle to find pretty photo props and backgrounds is real. Well done, Zazzle, for having such an array of copper, marble, geometric goodness. I got these three designs in postcard size to show you, but you can order them larger. This size will be great for jewellery shots, and small things like lipsticks. 


Marble Copper Geometric


Finally, and this one's a bit random – but I've been on the hunt for some pink playing cards, and loved these ones (below), perfectly pink, and with a cute backing (or front, whichever way you look at the card). They're probably more for fun and games than blog photos, but you never know, I already Instagrammed one of them this morning and got a few likes. 


Pink Playing Cards


Have a look at Zazzle and see what you'd choose for desk decorating. There's also a great range of goodies for Halloween in stock too, I can literally spend hours going through all their amazing bits. Maybe I'll be due another desk makeover sooner than I think…