Archie Grand Notebooks

Archie Grand Notebook


There are a bajillion and one cool, colourful notebooks with witty slogans in the world, and yet Archie Grand ones are probably the most recognisable. Imagine nailing the slogan notebook, it's a reality for the Scandinavian stationery supremos. The 'something I something and liked' range makes a perfect gift for someone, as they have a notebook for practically everything someone might have liked – shrinks, lovers, burgers, shoes, you name it. I'll confess I chose this on more for the colour, what can I say – yellow inspires me, but I do often meet artists, and many of them I've liked a lot. This is just a general jotter for me, not so much a strict list, but it does remind me to write down the useful contacts I make, whether they be artists or not. Archie Grand is also good for art students; they sell sketch books and cards, and also condoms, though you don't necessarily need to be a student for any of their wares, just saying they'd make good gifts… I got my beaut at Selfridges, but their stockists aren't clearly labelled on the website, maybe the elusiveness is also part of what makes them just too darn cool for school. 



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