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Bagsy Beauty


There's cute packaging, and there's insanely adorable packaging. British beauty brand, Bagsy, are next level adorbs – each product has its own pretty pattern, not just each type of product, but each individual item. It's not just about the aesthetics though, the idea behind the brand is that essential items are designed in cleverly compact ways to fit in your handbag and provide ease of use – hence the name, Bagsy. 


Bagsy Beauty Bronzer


Bagsy kindly sent me over some of their range to try, and after I'd spent about half an hour marvelling over the packaging I had a closer look. I'm really impressed with everything to be honest, there's not a single dud out of the items they gave me. The Beautiful Eyes pencil comes with a sharpener, which is beyond handy if you don't already have one for wider pencils. The texture is an odd one, it felt slightly stiff going on, but looks so smooth and buttery (see swatch below), and the slate grey colour with silver shimmer is phenomenal – the kind of colour you can instantly make an impact with. I tried it as a liner, and an all over lid colour; both look great, though the texture makes it a little hard to blend on the lid. The payoff is that this liner is going nowhere, it lasts day to night. Stunning. 


Bagsy British Beauty Brand Liquid Lipstick

Best Bronzer Blusher


I'm still a bit bronzer shy at the moment, I'm yet to find one that doesn't make my pale skin look dirty. The Ray of Sunshine in Light Medium (above) is probably a bit too dark for fairer skins, but I found that by going in very lightly with a brush and sweeping it across my face gave me a nice warm glow. It's incredibly soft and easily blendable, so if bronzer is your thing I'd recommend this one. Blusher is way more my jam, and this has become one of my new favourites. The Pretty Cheeks is a small stamp-like dome that you can press on to your cheeks and blend with your fingers. It's designed so that you can touch up on the go without a mirror. I haven't tried that, but I have been super impressed with the soft focus buildable colour it gives. Velvet Rose is so pretty on fair skin, it's a pink with fine gold glitter that can only be seen up close – from afar it appears to be a radiant flush. It's also quite sheer, and gives an utterly natural looking glow, so I've loved using it during bare skin moments when I want to pop to the gym or corner shop without looking like I'm close to death (pale girl problemz). I'm also really impressed with the Lip Velvet – matte liquid lip colours that are probably the most lightweight formula I've tried. I didn't let them dry down enough in the swatch (oops!) but they do dry completely matte, and appear a lot thinner in texture than other liquid lipsticks I've tried recently, whilst still having great pigment. Not at all drying, and long lasting enough for a work day or an evening out. Really, really pretty. 


Bagsy Swatches Matte Liquid Lipstick Blush

I feel like I've used the word pretty too many times already, but it's definitely the key word for this brand. Bagsy is something you could (and should) treat yourself to, but the packaging (yes, I may have over-mentioned that too…) is beaut enough to make it a lovely present for a makeup fan of any age, really. It's well worth checking out their website to swoon over everything, but you can't buy online there. Head over to Feel Unique or Debenhams to purchase. 

Another way to get your hands on a set of your own is to enter the Twitter giveaway at Bloggeration where one winner will get four makeup items, plus some of Bagsy's dry shampoo. Just retweet one of the multiple tweets going out every day up until Monday 18th April 2016 when the winner will be chosen. Good luck!




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