Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Blush And Ecrin Couleur

Guerlain Smile Blusher Enjoy Pastel Easter


Happy Easter Sunday! I hope the Easter Bunny has done you proud, and left you with a fridge full of yummy eggs that you totally hunted round the garden to find. With the clocks having gone forward last night (you did remember, right?) and the days longer – it finally feels like Spring is here. There's nothing that says season-appropriate makeup more than a beautiful springtime blush, and the Rose Aux Joues from Guerlain ticks every box. A pretty pink duo with luminescent sheen to reflect that dazzling UK sunlight (hmmm), and give you a youthful flush. If that alone doesn't make you beam from ear to ear, opening up this shiny red compact to see the word Smile embossed in the blush is sure to cheer you, even on a Monday morning. 


 Guerlain Spring 2016

Guerlain Smile Rose Blusher


The limited edition blush is joined by a single Ecrin Couleur eyeshadow in buttercup yellow. If you haven't tried these fancy shadow singles before, they're well worth the bucks for long lasting shades that blend insanely well and don't crease. HOW cute is the 'Enjoy' stamp inside? Enjoy having an illuminating eyeshadow that works well as a slightly metallic wash on it's own, or layered over other colours for effect. I will indeed enjoy, Guerlain, don't you worry!


Guerlain Rose Aux Jouse Smile Blusher 2016


The blush is stunning. The darker pink colour (top swatch, above) has a slight satin finish to it, so your cheeks glow with radiance and springtime health. The lighter shade (middle swatch) can be a highlighter, or mix the two together (bottom swatch) for a lighter pink glow. Did I mention that this blush smells like Refreshers sweets! I loved this sweet scented touch. 


Guerlain Ecrin Eyeshadow Enjoy


You can see the eyeshadow (above) is very delicate on my pale skin, but gives a beaut of a wash. It's the perfect yellow gold – very subtle and will be a great multi-tasker. From the stunning metallic packaging, to the cute slogans and exquisite finely milled formulas, these babies are giving me a major spring in my step. See what I did there? I know, it wasn't great… let's go eat some Easter eggs! 



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